DUCON Technology

The strengths of DUCON are broadly diversified and are used in a wide variety of areas. Here you will find the highlights of the technology summarized at a glance:


  • Thinnest free-span stairs (folded stairs 8cm)
  • Thinnest roof shell "Parapluie", 30mm, (Tsuboi Award 2013)
  • Thinnest solution for blast protection (World Trade Center)
  • Impervious overlays + slab strengthening (30-55mm thin, 15.000m2 seamless)
  • Energy facades, thermally activated (l=11m, 50mm thin)
  • „House in the vineyard“, all elements 30mm thin (Innovation Award Rhineland-Palatinate 2013)
WHG sealing layer in the interior

Impervious overlays + slab strengthening (55 mm thin, 15.000 m2 seamless)

Architectural & security concrete: New World Trade Center

Thinnest solution for blast protection (World Trade Center)

Dimensions of an energy facade (l = 11 m, t = 5,5 cm)

Energy facades, thermally activated (l = 11 m, 50 mm thin)

DUCON staircase, here d = 8 cm, thinnest cantilever staircase

Thinnest free-span stairs (folded stairs 8 cm)


Thinnest roof shell "Parapluie", 30 mm, (Tsuboi Award 2013)

House in the vineyard

„House in the vineyard“, 30mm (Innovation Award Rhineland-Palatinate 2013)

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