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DUCON Security

Security Concrete to protect critical infrastructures

Regarding blast mitigation DUCON Security offers various solutions of hardening vulnerable buildings and critical infrastructures against various threats (terror, war etc.). As thin protective elements with various design options DUCON can be integrated into the overall architectural concept. Protection against blast attacks can be already achieved by a 4cm layer of DUCON, embedded as a safety net into the concrete structure. Various protective measures have been executed successfully, especially in existing structures.

This ultimate performance has been shown in TV shows like Discovery Channel, Show of Natural Wonders and RTL News.

Examples of application

Architectural & security concrete: New World Trade Center


DUCON-Strengthening of walls, slabs and columns

Earthquake protection

High explosion protection

Explosion protection

Breakthrough-test with oxygen lance

Bullet- and forced entry-resistance

Spall plates = integrated safety net

Fragmentation protection

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