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The innovative metamorphosis of concrete

Extremely thin and highly load-bearing components are possible with DUCON, offering new creative possibilities in architecture. Compared to conventional reinforced concrete, façade elements made of DUCON can be produced in a significantly thinner component thickness with the same load-bearing capacity (saving on the dead weight of the façade) or in a larger format with component lengths of up to over 10 m (reducing the installation effort).

Thin-walled components with a high load-bearing capacity in combination with surfaces that can be designed as desired also enable a free design language in architecture. The self-compacting mortar is able to adapt to any shape. This means that, in addition to flat slabs, angled or curved elements can also be produced.

In addition to the free form design, the surface design also offers a wide range of variants. This ranges from smooth or polished surfaces to acid-etched, blasted or washed surfaces with a significantly rougher texture. Design with textured matrices is also possible. Almost all color options are possible, from white to grey/anthracite to black or, if requested by the customer, colorful tints.

In addition to the classic façade panels, the thinnest self-supporting concrete staircase as a static folding structure is an example of DUCON's performance and malleability. Unlike classic reinforced concrete staircases, the continuous slab is dispensed with, creating a filigree folded structure. In addition, filigree entrance portals and ultra-slim shell structures are made of DUCON.

Examples of DUCON Architectural applications

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