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DUCON Overlay

High-performance concrete for strength and persistence

The patented DUCON technology offers various applications in the field of renovation, repair and reinforcement of horizontal to vertical surfaces. Already with a layer thickness of 30 to 40 mm DUCON shines with its high load-bearing capacity and abrasion resistance. Construction measures for rehabilitation can be carried out with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. The low layer thickness (usually up to 60 mm) makes it unnecessary to demolish existing surfaces. This results in enormous savings in downtimes. The preparation of the substrate is also shortened, as the material properties of DUCON make separate treatment of existing joints and cracks in the substrate superfluous.

During installation, the mat-like steel reinforcement is laid first. In the area of joints in the existing floor, additional reinforcement is installed to prevent unwanted cracks in the DUCON surface. The finished reinforcement, which is dowelled to the substrate (depending on requirements), is then filled with our self-compacting, high-strength mortar. Due to the high early strength, the surface is fully loadable after only a few days and can be re-integrated into the operation.

The DUCON Overlay range is divided into two sub-ranges:

  • Water resources act (WHG) sealing layers (with general building authority approval Z-74.1-89 as WHG-sealing layer)
    System DUCON55 for LAU systems (catchment areas)
    System DUCON35 for HBV systems (discharge surfaces)
  • Static ceiling reinforcement

More than 120.000m2 have been executed with DUCON Overlay.

General information about DUCON Overlay can be found in our information brochure.

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