DUCON Architectural
Folded stairways

The innovative building material allows to realise thin components with high loading capaticties. Step elements can be developed in newest dimensions with highest slenderness. DUCON stairs are thin folded stairs, which are only supported at the floor and the top end. They are free-spanning from floor-to-floor and are not supported by the wall. Those stairs are not mass-produced, but they are always project-related special orders.

With DUCON-technology the “thinnest concrete stairs” of just 8cm have been executed. This is One of the most famous reference projects, which is a stairway with 15 steps, spanning 4,40 m and a thickness of only 8 cm.

Compared to a standard reinforced concrete stairs (RFC) the DUCON stairs allow up to 60% reduction in weight and thickness. Typical thicknesses is 9 cm.