DUCON Overlay
Impervious overlay (WHG)

Production halls, logistic properties, warehousing and handling centers, airfields or parking areas need highly stressable, robust and increasingly liquid-tight industrial floor surfaces about their lifecycle. Therefore, special demands are made to the bottom surfaces in new or existing constructions.

The DUCON-Technology meets the requirements in terms of time, economy and function. DUCON has a general building inspectorate approval as WHG-impervious overlay for LAUsystems (Z-74.1-89). The component thickness amounts to only 5.5 cm and runs largely jointless (several thousand sqm) in interior and exterior. The building material is used for sealing against ground water hazardous mediums in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Water Act as tank farms, catch basins, gutter systems, container storage spaces for warehousing, filling and handling (LAU). Comparable building materials such as FD-and FDE-concrete require component thicknesses of at least 20 cm.

The satisfied customers of DUCON impervious overlays include:

  • Bayer AG, Leverkusen
  • Daimler AG, Stuttgart (over 15.000 sqm executed jointless)
  • BASF SE, Ludwigshafen

DUCON effects in addition to fulfilling the imperviousness requirement simultaneously a load increase in the existing structure and an increased resistance to mechanical attack by impact and abrasion. The compound with an existing structure is produced by dowelling. Usual preparatory work such as shot peening, etc. are not required. Horizontal surfaces are surface-finished and already resilient the next day due to the self-compacting and self-leveling mortar. WHG-impervious overlays of DUCON were mainly implemented in the chemical industry and automobile industry.

The exceptional properties of the DUCON-Technology:

• High-strength & ductile WHG-impervious overlay system with general building inspectorate approval
• Low component thickness from horizontal to vertical
• Defined steel content in DUCON-Concrete by friction-locked connection with existing structure statically chargeable
• Single-layer structure with surface-finished surface
• Widely jointless and crack-free, durable and impervious surface
• High crack-bridging- and early loading capacity
• Possibility of jointless and WHG-impervious upstands / connections by special corner elements