DUCON Architectural
Panels & Free Forms

DUCON enriches the design language of architecture impressively by unique delicacy and extreme formability in the segment of concrete construction.

Roof constructions, pillars, cantilevered components such as porches or balconies can be developed in new forms and dimensions. Precast stands can be created with extremely thin cross sections with highest strength at the same time. Facade elements can be handled with component thicknesses of 4.5 – 7 cm. In addition 3D Bench systems can be realized with a thickness of only 1 – 5 cm.

Simultaneously, the high demands on surface appearance for visible concrete parts are met. The surface appearance is individually adjustable. The range covers from different colors to the most varied patterns such as marble structures. Mat, rough, shiny or reflective surfaces top the variety of the range off.

The planning department of DUCON processes requests from clients regarding the technological feasibility of precast concrete elements or complete construction performances and creates appropriate offers. Using the latest CAD technology sophisticated building plans are carried out to realization. The final design involves the DUCON-Technology technically and creatively perfectly into future buildings.