Architecture Concrete Façade NYPD Bronx,NY

DUCON white architectural concrete façade for the NYPD at 40th Precinct New York

After one year of planning, DUCON had received the order for the production of the facade elements and the delivery to New York in March 2022. A total of approx. 150 panels are involved. These are 50 mm (2 in) thin and have a length of up to 9.25 m (30 ft). This results in a slenderness of l/d = 185 and thus posed great challenges for the transport and assembly on site. However, these challenges were successfully overcome and all elements have now arrived and been installed in their intended location.
The building, designed by star architect Bjarke Ingels, is expected to be commissioned in early 2024 and is expected to improve safety in the streets of the Bronx borough. The DUCON elements will be used primarily as linings for the multi-story lobby on the interior of the Presidio. On the exterior, they will be used as suspended ceiling panels ("soffits") in a total of eight building sections. The light-colored surface of the white concrete elements makes the building a visual highlight both outside and inside.

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