11,000 m2 of jointless waterproofing in the 5th basement floor

Renovation of the underground parking garage below the NEXTOWER and the MyZeil shopping center in Frankfurt

For years, the operators of the underground parking garage have been struggling with a leaking floor slab. The 2.30 m thick floor slab cannot keep out the pressing groundwater, so that numerous puddles repeatedly form in the lowest parking level on the 5th basement floor. All previous attempts to repair the leaks locally have failed or only provided a temporary solution.

In order to finally put a stop to the problem, the entire level (approx. 11,000 m2) is being upgraded with the DUCON40 system. With a seamless layer of just 40 mm thickness, DUCON seals off the underground car park from the groundwater and does what the existing floor slab is unable to do.

In order to test the functionality of the solution in advance, a test area of approx. 100 m2 with an identical structure was created two years ago. DUCON was once again able to demonstrate its capabilities in the renovated area, so that the contract for the entire project was awarded. Work on the project began in recent weeks and is expected to continue until July of this year.

The construction site logistics pose a particular challenge. All machines and materials have to be transported from the delivery zone on the first basement floor to the lowermost parking level, with a ceiling height of just over two meters. The same applies to the high-strength mortar of the DUCON system. The fresh concrete delivered by truck mixers is pumped from street level to the lowest parking level via hoses up to 300 m long.

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Examples of DUCON Overlay applications