Since 2004, more than 350 construction projects have been realized worldwide using DUCON® technology (references). Some of these references even represent worldwide records:

  • DUCON folded stairs (self-supporting staircase d= 8cm)
  • Roof shell ("Parapluie", d=3cm Tsuboi Award 2013).
  • Thin house in a vineyard (d=3cm, Innovation Award Rheinland-Pfalz 2012)
  • Thin energy façade (l = 11 m, d = 5 cm)
  • Jointless ceiling reinforcements (d=3-6cm)
  • Jointless WHG sealing layers up to 15.000m2
  • Explosion protection measures, Anti-Terror (WTC NYC)
  • High ductility = high energy absorption
  • Ductile shear and punching shear behavior
  • Breakthrough resistance
  • No debris throw
  • safety-net effect