Glossary: Field of applications
The many applications of the DUCON technology

One structure - many applications

DUCON combines a micro-reinforcement with a self-compacting high-strength mortar to create an innovative high-performance construction material. The resulting material properties make the material the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, from thin concrete furniture to protecting critical infrastructure from explosions - and always with the same material structure.

DUCON Security

DUCON makes it possible to effectively increase the protection of buildings against violent events (terror, war, etc.) even with low component thicknesses from 40 mm. Numerous critical infrastructures, embassies, high-rise buildings, community centers, high-security data centers and nuclear power plants have been protected in this way. DUCON was used in the form of protective walls, debris protection ceilings and facades, as well as mobile protective containers. Thanks to the low element thicknesses and the numerous design options, the components can be adapted to the overall architectural appearance and thus also offer visually unobtrusive protection.

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DUCON Overlay

The DUCON technology offers various application possibilities in the field of renovation, repair and reinforcement of horizontal and vertical surfaces. Existing dilapidated surfaces can be upgraded in terms of load-bearing capacity, abrasion resistance and impermeability from a layer thickness of just 35 mm. DUCON can simply be applied to the existing surface. This saves costly and time-consuming demolition and minimizes downtime. Thanks to the high early strength, the surface is fully loadable after just a few days.

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DUCON Architectural

Extremely thin and highly load-bearing components are possible with DUCON, which results in significant material savings compared to conventional reinforced concrete. This reduces both CO2 emissions and the loads that have to be transferred by substructures. The large-format components also reduce installation costs compared to conventional technologies. In the Architectural division, a wide range of components are available, from curtain walls and free-form shell structures to slim folding stairs.

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DUCON Design

The fine, high-strength DUCON concrete enables a high-quality, durable surface with almost unlimited design possibilities in addition to its free formability. Such design products include sculptures or concrete furniture such as benches, table tops and counters

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